About AL-Rehman Welfare Trust


AL-Rehman Welfare Trust, is a locally registered, non-government, not-for-profit welfare trust incorporated in 2008 at Karachi. We have no religious, sectarian, ethnic or political affiliations. Help Pakistan is an initiative of AL-Rehman Welfare Trust, simultaneously started as a poverty-focused project for the support of the needy, for developing their skills and for making them self-sufficient members of the society. Our objective is to become a bridge between poverty-stricken people and donors by providing financial assistance for food and critical medical treatment to impoverished families in Pakistan. We also provide support to find employment and finance education, vocational training for the underprivileged. Later, one or more of the family members are supported in finding a job, doing some home based work like stitching and embroidery, push cart selling or anything based on their interest & skill set. The people chosen to be provided with relief are selected by our team from shanty towns, urban slums and katchi abadis or referred to us. We also pursue disaster relief or special projects based upon their critical nature.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

Our Volunteers- Zimedar Pakistani Program

HelpPakistan strongly believes that assistance is not just financial. Our 144 volunteers are the backbone of our organization and the major reason behind our success. Our volunteers are a major hand in helping people any time and in any situation.

Our Zimedar Pakistani Program is where we encourage and facilitate the countrymen to play their part in serving the community by volunteering for:

1-Reaching needy families
2-Family validation and verification process
3-Family visits
4-Monthly ration distribution drive
5-Yearly winter drive
6-Many unspoken tasks with pure dedication

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our programs

Monthly Ration

بھوک مٹاؤ پروگرام

We believe that hunger is the worst of all problems, which is why HelpPakistan prioritizes provision of food so that no one sleeps with an empty stomach.

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Small Business

خود دار بناؤ پروگرام

We strongly believe that the only way to eradicate, or even minimize, poverty is to help people become self-sufficient. With extensive counseling, HelpPakistan aims at encouraging & enabling people to set up their businesses or learn a valuable skill.

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تعلیم کرو ممکن پروگرام

Education is one of the pillars any developed society stands on. At HelpPakistan, we understand the importance of education and therefore encourage and enable families to keep their children in schools.

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صحت سے زندگی پروگرام

Health is the greatest of all blessings and without health an individual cannot accomplish anything. This is why HelpPakistan, with the collaboration of Aziz Hospital, is always available to provide medical assistance to anyone in need.

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small bussiness ideas

There are multiple ways in which HelpPakistan helps its registered families become self-sufficient. Here are a few ideas
- Confectionary stall or shop
- Edible item stall (e.g. french fries,pop corn etc)
- Home-based work (e.g. stitching, parlor setup,delivering cooked meals etc)
- Fruit & vegetables Handcart

our members and affiliations

HelpPakistan won’t be anywhere if not for the support we receive from our collaborators & partners. Every year, we receive support in the form of monetary funds and manpower from our hundreds of partners across the globe.

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