What we do

AL-Rehman Welfare Trust builds bridges between donors and people living below the poverty line in Pakistan. Our initial objective is to provide these underprivileged people with the most basic necessity of life i.e. food supplies. In the second phase, we assist families in making a respectable living by giving them technical and vocational training, as well as starting small businesses that help them sustain and earn a living. Our overall intention for social reform is based on the agenda to help the poor become financially independent.

Moreover, we ensure that all the families registered with us go through a thorough vetting process so that the hard earned money of our donors reach the deserving hands. After taking up details of the deserving families, our team visits them and inquire through various references the credibility of the families. After deeming them needy, we proceed towards finding a donor for the family and then finally deliver the much deserved funds to them.



Monthly Ration Family (2008 - current)


Healthcare (From 2014 - current)


Education (From 2019 - current)


small business (From 2014 - current)


HelpPakistan believes in complete transparency and tries its best to make sure that the hard earned money of its donors reach the deserving. Therefore, we have a thorough and efficient vetting process after which we deem the case deserving of the donation.

We start off with the basic step of taking personal details verifying via CNIC and other information We then move on to verifying the information given by the family by visiting them and by asking around in the neighborhood. If after the visit, our team deems them needy, we add the case in our records and then start the search for the donor. After finding the donor, the collected funds are delivered to the family, in the form of ration, school or training fees, medical expenses paid .Also, we provide counseling service to each family to make their future better by providing assistance in finding small business according to their skills and help them build it.

Even after delivering the funds, we keep a strong check on the family and immediately set up an inquiry if anything suspicious is found.

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